Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jesse's First E-Mail

"hey whats up so today is my first p-day. i only got a half our to email and this counter thing is counting down kinda stressful. so idk how you want to do this but this is my email address and i can only send stuff to you lauren and so ill just put the email address at teh top of the letter incase i want it to go to someone else and you can just forward it to them. =] thanks! but the mtc is great how have you guys been? miss everyone alot no one is really writting me that much =[. ony got one letter from pam. can someone plese tell her to sned me my atm card, driving record and baptisim pants. but its so nice being around so many people with such strong testimonies. they made me district leader! its kinda tuff already had some problems in my district with peolple having problems at home. my companign is cool. a wierd kid but he has had a crazy life and got a really strong testimony. im doing great at the lessons im picking things up really well. id say im one of the best in my district that i am over. i didnt realize how much boring class room time you have in the mtc. they seriously just put you in a class room with no teacher and is like ok study for 3 and half hours. so it gets borning sometimes. i have had alot of good oppertunites and helped alot of people already in my mission. my secound day i had to give part of the first lesson to one of the missionaries that has been here for like a week. his compnigin was really good but he was really quiet and kinda sad looking. when i gave him my lesson i talked about the first vision and felt the spirit so strong when i bore my testimony to him and that missionary that was quiet was listening so intently to it and after he said... thank you elder and gave me a note. i read the note later that night and it talked about his time at the mtc so far wasnt going good at all and that my testimony touched his heart and it was exzactly what he needed. and i knew that what i was saying was for him cuz i dont remeber really what i siad but i remember that i felt the spirit so strong at that time. his note really touched my heart cuz that day i was feeling a little down cuz the people here are kinda weird and wasnt liking all the studing but when i got his note it helped remind me why i was on a mission. in order to help people and try to make a difference in someones life. ive also got a chacne to give a girl in my district a preisthood blessing because her grandma died a couple days after she got in. it was kinda nuts cuz before class i was at a district meeting and the president guy was like sister anderson lost her mother today so prepare to walk into a classroom where she is crying and be ready to handle it maybe give her a blessing? so i walk in and the whole class is singing hymms to help sister anderson and she is just sitting there crying. i was like ahhhh crap what am i gonna do .. so i sat there thinking prayed and then kinda sat there some more. then guy walks in and is like elders time for preisthood. wich was great cuz i didnt want to make her feel embarassed if i just started talking to her infront of everyone so when the elders left i went and asked her how you feeling sister and she told me the news and started crying then asked ehr if she wanted a blessign and she said yes so i called the elders back in and gave her one with all the elders. it was nice and after that she has been fine and that day she had stoped crying and was all happy agian. so i was glad that so early in my mission i have been able to help people. i got to go to the call center josh. eh its not that bad. maybe doing it for 11 weeks would be horriable but its kinda fun talking to real people and expierencing what its is like. there is 16 people going to my mission 6 sisters and 10 elders. me and my roomates have fun together one is a football player and one did wrestling so we all work out and do push ups and pull ups toghether ha so its nice. i fasted wiht my compnign yesturday cuz his family was having propblems and he was having trouble with learning the discussions and scriptures cuz hes only been in the church for 3 years! so i fasted with him and that was nice i hope everything works out for him. how are the kids doing? they got rid of the tree of life showers now they are regular closed single showers so thats nice. gym time i dominate in basketball. everyone is really bad. i only have lost one game and that is cuz my 2 other guys were horriable and it was the day i was fasting so i was like dead tierd ha."
Elder Miles
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