Monday, April 13, 2009


Jesse wanted everyone's birthdates...are all of these right? check ur was by memory so let me know if I'm off...
Kent- November 26th
Pam Dec 27th

April- March 21st
Eric- December 19th
Kenzie- February 19th
Bella- Dec 1st
Maya- Dec 18th
Ava- March 13th
Diego - April or May...
Linkin- Aug 4th

Jared- July 25th
Shannon- June 26th
Kody- August 1st
Lennix- February 13th

Josh- Aug 10th
Lauren Sept 28th
Dalen may 21st
Deveon June 1st
Lexis July 24th
Noah- December 4th

Jason July 27th
Stephanie- May 20th
Bree July 24th
Jase's New Baby (August ? of this year...)


Stephanie said...

oh yeah, I changed the setting of the blog to that only blog authors can read it. thats the only 4 that read it anyways.(that I know of) I just didn't want anyone else to read it

Stephanie said...

jase's new baby, yes, sometime in aug;)

S.Miles said...

Im very impressed that these are all by memory! All of our are right! Thanks Lauren. It was great seeing you guys!

avalusek said...

Diego's birthday is April 16th.